Annual Report Frankfurt City - Germany

Annual Report: an indispensable source of information for the financial community

Referenzen_Referenzkunden_258x82pxOn the part of the financial community, there is a growing interest in the business activities of listed and non-listed companies. As a result, the requirements for a Annual Report are growing, in which the development of the company in the past financial year is reported.

The Annual Report is the most important document of IR Work

The Annual Report includes investors, analysts, private investors, journalists, but also customers and potential employees. Their different information needs are met and the essential facts and figures for the development of the company have to be prepared. We help you structure this diverse information and prepare it for your stakeholders. With a convincing content presentation and comprehensible formulations, you not only fulfill the statutory obligations, but can also convey your company’s ideas Equity Story.

In addition to the content presentation of the business development, an appealing design serves to transport your messages as best as possible. It would be our pleasure to advise you on the graphical presentation so that your highlights can be presented in your corporate design.

We would like to take over the following services for the Annual Report:

  • Project management including the coordination of the involved partners (translators, agencies, photographers, printers)
  • Development of a content and graphical concept
  • Creation of the image part
  • Preparation of the Group Management Report on the basis of a briefing
  • Chief Editor
  • Proofreading, proofreading and paycheck
  • Coordination of translation
  • Set and layout of the entire report
  • Production management including printing
  • Publication according to regulatory requirements