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Media monitoring – Keeping an eye on relevant media during an IPO

If you want to maintain successful media work during an IPO, you should keep a constant eye on relevant media. Professional media monitoring can continuously monitor what and how media are reporting your IPO. No matter if print media, online, TV or radio, we help you keep track of the news. We provide the results in the form of a press review, as a daily or weekly newsletter, for instance. We maintain a regular relationship with relevant IPO journalists and their media so that we can give you valuable tips for media monitoring during your trading session.

Better control of reporting during an IPO

It is particularly valuable to keep sovereignty over reporting, keeping a constant eye on whether your messages are being picked up by the media and being heard by relevant investors. We help you ensure that your media monitoring is tailored to your needs and to actively manage your media work. We would also be pleased to establish contact with specialized media monitoring service providers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to professionally control your media work during your IPO.


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