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Media Training – Communicating confidently with investors and journalists

Referenzen_Referenzkunden_258x82pxYou want to establish a good figure in front of the camera? Focus your messages on investors and journalists? While mastering critical questions skillfully? Then Media Training is the right measure to make your appearance even more secure and to practice your professional approach to investors, analysts and journalists.

Not infrequently, such occasions are sudden and offer little time to consult deeply with a company. This applies to exchanges, as well as issuance of bonds, Investor Relations during the year or crises. It is therefore all the more important to get the messages defined in the Equity Story and to communicate them easily. And this in an authentic and sympathetic way. In Interview Training, you learn the necessary techniques and gain security.

An expert appearance is priceless – be it in the case a new board member, at the general meeting or the next Roadshow. That is why we recommend that every board member and IR Manager have regular training and special conversation situations.

Improving media effect through a secure appearance

To improve your media impact and to communicate securely with journalists, investors and analysts is a central goal of our Media Training.

Mediatraining Investor Relations Agency cometis AGIn our Media Coaching, we prepare you specifically for placing your content confidently and clearly in your interviews and presentations. We familiarize you with the different situations so that you can keep a “cool head” even in stressful situations and successfully transport your Core Messages. Through the accompanying video analysis, we collaborate with you not only on rhetoric and non-verbal communication, but especially on the answers.

Our Interview Training at a glance:

  • Full-day coaching including video analysis
  • Telephone interviews
  • Background conversations
  • Statements
  • TV interviews
  • Cross interrogations
  • Simulation of press conferences
  • Company presentation
  • One-on-One Meetings
  • Fair and unfair language variants