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Scandinavian Fintech awakens great interest

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Scandinavian Fintech awakens great interest

8 Oct, 2019 | News, Press release

The “Non Deal Roadshow” organised by cometis in Brussels, Luxembourg, Stuttgart, Vienna and Zurich met with an exceptionally high level of interest from numerous major investors. Over four days, the Management Board of the company, which was valued at around 230 million euros, met a total of 75 institutional investors. In addition to 14 one-on-ones, 61 other institutional investors attended the lunch presentations. The Management Board succeeded in further increasing interest in its bank. The most important findings from the discussions:

  • With a well-structured presentation, the Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors was able to present the strategy in an understandable manner.
  • A convincing track record, strict cost control and consistent risk management create confidence among investors.
  • Clear and friendly answers to questions strengthen investor confidence.

Result: The roadshow increased the interest of numerous institutional investors.

“Non Deal Roadshows” by cometis give listed companies access to investors throughout Europe.