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Starting a career in investor relations – What do I need to be part of it?


The first job after graduation is an important milestone. Classic management consulting is good, but investor relations, especially IR consulting, offers much more! Because here it is about the capital market, the heart of the economy! 

by Michael Diegelmann

Wiesbaden, April 8th, 2022. Everyday life in the IR sector is varied and fast-paced. Accordingly, every day is different, because each individual customer has different needs. Especially in the hectic reporting phase or in takeover situations, the consultants must keep a cool head in order to make strategically smart decisions. Anyone who wants to work in IR should therefore have a profound interest in the capital market and the ability to familiarize themselves quickly with new issues.

The course of study is not a decisive criterion for IR work

When it comes to the capital market, many think that this area is only something for classic business students. This is wrong. This area is open to all intelligent and interested graduates! A specific course of study is not decisive for working in an IR consultancy; in this field, in addition to business administration graduates, there are also political and communications scientists, journalists, linguists and many other graduates from the social sciences. The resulting mix of different study backgrounds in a good investor relations agency results in a strong and diverse team in which everyone can contribute their individual skills.

For successful IR work, practical experience, intelligence and soft skills such as teamwork are much more important than theoretical backgrounds. Especially first insights into banking, editorial offices of local or business newspapers or market research help potential employees enormously. In principle, you can acquire all theoretical knowledge, and the principle is: intelligence beats experience!

Communication work at boss level

As a potential IR consultant, you should be aware that you are dealing with the consulting business here, and the pressure that rests on the shoulders of the companies’ boards is passed on. But it is this component that makes working in IR so exciting, because there is always board-level work and IR consultants are in constant communication with client executives. This job requires a certain amount of communication skills, and an IR consultant takes on a lot of responsibility for the clients’ concerns right from the start. However, if there is a talent for organization and a knack for language, you can achieve a lot in the IR field.

IR work means project diversity

Another aspect in the IR business that should not be underestimated is a sense of aesthetics. A large part of investor relations work is the creation of presentations, financial announcements, and annual reports. In addition to the use of words, it is essential to create a thread of content and appearance that corresponds to the company concerned and conveys the equity story (why should this stock be bought?). All external communication of a company should speak the same language, so that there is a recognition value.

Work in IR is constantly evolving, becoming more digital and moving with the times. Above all, the trend toward greater sustainability is now taking on a very large role in the economy and thus also in investor relations, which is why many tasks also revolve around non-financial risks, so-called ESG topics (ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance). A career start in IR is therefore worthwhile for anyone who likes to work at the cutting edge, is interested in the capital market and also enjoys writing. IR consulting offers a lot of variety and deep insights into the heart of our economy.

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Michael Diegelmann: Founder and Manager
Michael Diegelmann has gained experience in over 150 communications projects (IPOs, investor relations, M&A, crisis) and has been working in the field of capital market communications since 1997. He is the author of 16 book publications relevant to the capital markets and was formerly project manager at an international consulting firm and a Frankfurt brokerage house.