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December 13, 2018 | Manz AG receives second installment of a large order from the automotive industry


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Manz AG receives second installment of a large order from
the automotive industry

Reutlingen, December 13, 2018 – Manz AG, a global high-tech equipment manufacturer, has received the second installment of a large-scale order, won in early May 2018 from a Tier 1 automotive supplier, in the Electronics business segment. The order, with a total volume in the double-digit million euro range, involves machines used to automatically assemble the central cell contacting systems for battery cells in the electromobility field. The order allows Manz AG to tap into another key field of electrical vehicle power trains. Originally designed for the consumer electronics industry, Manz AG has successfully developed its trusted LightAssembly platform for use in the automotive industry as well. The modular units are combined to achieve a tailored solution for the customer. Particularly in the e-mobility sector, in which a highly dynamic evolution is expected around the world in the coming years, a modular system offering a high degree of expandability and flexible adaptability offers real economic advantages. The LightAssembly lines expand to meet customer needs and requirements, easing the strain on investment budgets and boosting Return on Investment.

Martin Drasch, CEO of Manz AG, notes: “Progress within the project so far shows the high demands that the dynamically expanding e-mobility market places on the all new automation solutions required. We have enjoyed outstanding collaboration with the Tier 1 automotive supplier and OEM in recent months, and have been able to prove ourselves to be a highly flexible development partner. Thanks to the process know-how of our engineers in the complex, dynamic area of assembly automation as well as in battery technology, we are able to develop optimum solutions in a very short time via simultaneous engineering processes. Time to market is a crucial competitive factor in the current transition from the classic powertrain with combustion engine to the battery drive. Our reliable and cost-efficient systems put our customers in an outstanding position.”

Company profile:

Manz AG – passion for efficiency

Founded in 1987, Manz AG is a global high-tech equipment manufacturing company. Its business activities focus on the Solar, Electronics, Energy Storage, Contract Manufacturing, and Service segments.

With many years of expertise in automation, laser processing, vision and metrology, wet chemistry, and roll-to-roll processes, the company offers manufacturers and their suppliers innovative production solutions in the areas of photovoltaics, electronics and lithium-ion battery technology. The company’s product portfolio includes both customer-specific developments and standardized machines and modules that can be linked together to form individual system solutions. Manz AG is involved in customer projects from a very early stage, and is thus contributing significantly to the success of its customers with high quality, needs-oriented solutions.

The company, listed on the stock exchange in Germany since 2006, currently develops and manufactures in Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, China and Taiwan. It also has sales and service branches in the USA and India. Worldwide, Manz AG currently employs around 1,700 people, about half of them in Asia. This region is critical for the company’s target industries. Manz Group revenue in the 2017 financial year totaled around 325 million euros.


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