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| PNE AG: PNE WIND AG cooperates with VPC in developing grid-independent energy supply solutions


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PNE AG: PNE WIND AG cooperates with VPC in developing grid-independent energy supply solutions

Cuxhaven, December 1, 2017 – PNE WIND AG cooperates with VPC GmbH, a provider of engineering services for energy generation and distribution facilities, in developing grid-independent and self-sustained energy supply solutions for public and commercial use. Such “Energy Islands” can be individually planned, implemented and operated according to requirements and location, and are very interesting not only for Germany but also for foreign countries. Cost-effective energy supply, long-term price stability and independent generation are combined.

In Germany, grid-independent energy supply can be sensible and attractive for major enterprises or industrial parks as well as for municipal utilities and municipalities. In foreign countries, the public supply of electricity and heat can be ensured by such Projects.

By combining various renewable energies such as photovoltaics and wind energy with storage technologies or generators powered by biofuels, it is possible to ensure an environmentally friendly energy supply that is both sustainable and cheaper than with a grid connection.

PNE WIND and VPC contribute their specific strengths to the cooperation. While PNE WIND will be responsible for the approval, financing, and participation models as well as the construction and operation of wind components, VPC will take care of the areas of photovoltaics, biodiesel, storage, grid and grid connection as well as project management and operation of the overall system.

Markus Lesser, CEO of PNE WIND AG: “With this future-oriented cooperation, we are focusing on the German market as well as on international projects. The partners complement each other perfectly. As part of PNE’s new strategic direction, this is a first step towards becoming a provider of solutions for clean energy – the “Clean Energy Solution Provider.”

Dr.-Ing. Ralf Gilgen, CEO of VPC GmbH comments: “With the “Energy Islands” concept, we are able to ensure a self-sufficient, green power supply in the future, combined with lower energy costs and completely independent of problems regarding grid stability.

About the PNE WIND Group

The PNE Wind Group, with its brands PNE WIND and WKN, is one of the leading German wind farm developers. With its approx. 360 employees, the PNE WIND Group has been offering services covering the entire added value chain ranging from the development, planning, realisation, financing, operation, marketing and repowering of wind farms in Germany and abroad from a single source for more than 25 years. Once the completed plants have been handed over to operators, the PNE WIND Group also offers technical and commercial management services, including regular maintenance, for the wind farms. The offshore wind farms at sea are developed up to the point where they are ready to be constructed and services are provided up to the operation of the wind farms. Alongside its business activities in the established domestic market in Germany, the PNE WIND Group is present at the international level in order to benefit from the tremendous growth potential of the global wind energy market and it is expanding into dynamic growth markets.

About VPC GmbH

VPC GmbH is one of the largest independent engineering companies in Germany and offers worldwide planning, project management, consulting and technical services for power generation plants and for transmission and distribution networks. The operational experience of our employees flows into our entire service portfolio: studies, basic engineering, detailed engineering, plant management and maintenance, measurement technology, decommissioning and dismantling work.