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ESG Strategy: Reaching the Goal with a Clear Strategy

What is your ESG goal? It is no longer enough to simply meet the minimum legal requirements. Many of your business partners, investors and employees expect more.

From the ESG Strategy to specific steps

Where are you going? And who are you trying to convince?

Step 1: Systematic inventory
Where does your organization stand? What measures are you already implementing in the ESG area? How does your reporting work? Where is your competition possibly ahead of you? How do relevant ESG stakeholders – e.g. rating agencies – perceive your ESG performance?

Step 2: Consistent further development
Once these questions have been answered, we work with you to develop the appropriate ESG strategy and recommend concrete measures.

Financial and ESG expertise from a single source

cometis has over 20 years of experience in capital market communication. We can profitably combine financial and non-financial topics for you. That way, your clients, investors and employees will recognize that ESG issues are close to your heart – and that you have ESG risks under control.



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