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| va-Q-tec increases stake in high-tech materials company SUMTEQ


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va-Q-tec increases stake in high-tech materials company SUMTEQ

Würzburg / Cologne, 15th November 2016. va-Q-tec AG (ISIN DE0006636681 / WKN 663668), a technologically leading provider of highly efficient products and solutions in the field of thermal insulation, is increasing its equity stake in SUMTEQ GmbH, a young technology company that develops innovative polymer nanofoams with outstanding insulation properties. These nanofoams are lightweight, long-lasting and structurally very robust, thereby constituting a valuable extension of va-Q-tec’s high-performance product portfolio.

va-Q-tec AG initially acquired an equity stake in SUMTEQ GmbH in autumn 2015. As important technological and sales milestones have been achieved ahead of time, va-Q-tec AG is now supporting SUMTEQ GmbH with additional funds for its further development.

In addition to the equity investment, both companies are also linked by a strategic partnership. Joint objectives include pilot testing and the market launch of SUMTEQ products as a further high-performance insulation material, as well as knowledge exchange on the development and production of nanoporous and mesoporous foams. The strategic partnership offers both companies the possibility to contribute their respective expertise and consequently create added value for their customers.
“We’re pleased to have va-Q-tec on board as an important investor as they are the undisputed technology leader in the VIP area. Our joint medium-term target over the coming years is tocommercialise our unique products and further extend our technological innovation lead position,” comments Dr. Alexander Müller, Managing Director with responsibility for Marketing and Sales at SUMTEQ.
“As an innovative start-up SUMTEQ with its new type of nanofoam possesses a highly interesting and groundbreaking product for many markets – we are delighted to contribute our expertise to assist its market launch. The SUMTEQ technology has the potential to fundamentally revolutionise nanocell foam production. We’re convinced SUMTEQ’s nanofoams provide an excellent supplement to our VIPs, they are a great fit for our long-term technology roadmap,” notes Dr. Joachim Kuhn, co-founder and CEO of va-Q-tec AG.


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va-Q-tec AG
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Dr. Alexander Müller
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About va-Q-tec
va-Q-tec is a leading provider of highly efficient tech products and solutions in the field of thermal insulation. The Company develops, manufactures and sells innovative, thin vacuum insulation panels (“VIPs”) and phase change materials (“PCMs”) for reliable and energy efficient temperature control and insulation. Furthermore, by optimally integrating VIPs and PCMs, va-Q-tec manufactures passive thermal packaging solutions (containers and boxes), which offer constant temperature conditions between 24 and over 200 hours without using external energy sources. Within its rental services business, the company has built a global partner network to provide for an extensive fleet of containers and boxes fulfilling highly demanding thermal protection standards in temperature sensitive supply chains. Besides Healthcare & Logistics as main market, va-Q-tec addresses additional markets such as Appliances & Food, Technics & Industry, Building and Mobility. The strongly growing Company was founded in 2001, and has its headquarters in Würzburg. More information on va-Q-tec under
SUMTEQ GmbH, based in Cologne, was founded in 2014. Using an innovative and patented production process, SUMTEQ is the first company in the world to develop polymer nanofoams with pores in the micron and submicron range for the production on an industrial scale. The foams offer a unique combination of material properties enabling a highly efficient insulation performance. The major mid-term targets are the commercialization of these unique foams and the expansion of the technological advantage in the following years.