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| Manz AG: Successful SOP at leading Chinese display manufacturer


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Manz AG: Successful SOP at leading Chinese display manufacturer

  • Ramp-up of Manz equipment in record time; formal inauguration of production line at HKC
  • Smooth implementation proves Manz’s performance capabilities in handling large-scale projects

Reutlingen, April 11, 2019 – Manz AG, a global high-tech equipment manufacturer with an extensive technological portfolio, has proven its performance capabilities in handling large-scale projects in an impressive manner. Manz’s Electronics business segment is currently involved in a major contract with a total volume of 90 million USD (approx. 76 million euro) for wet-chemical processing equipment for manufacturing large-format displays of generation 8.6 substrates (2250 x 2610 mm) with HKC, one of the top 3 display manufacturers on the Chinese market. HKC was able to produce the first LCD TV panel only 69 days after the start of installation of equipment used in wet-chemical exposure, the heart of a display production line. The industry standard for this process is a timeline of 90 to 100 days. Manz AG has a good business relationship with HKC for many years already. Manz received the current order in August 2018, thanks to its decades of expertise in wet-chemical processes and automation, its reliability, and its very short ramp-up phase.

Martin Drasch, CEO of Manz AG, is proud of the project: “Smooth and speedy implementation of this important sub-project is an impressive proof that we, as a mid-sized high-tech equipment manufacturer, can handle large-scale turnkey contracts in Asia on schedule and in record time. This is just one result of our strategy of offering German engineering expertise at locally competitive prices with our locations and qualified employees on site. We would like to congratulate HKC on reaching this milestone!”

Delivery and final acceptance of all machines for the current large-scale order are slated for completion in the second half of 2019. Around 30 % of the order has already been booked to revenues and earnings in 2018, and around 70 % will be booked in the current fiscal year. The Manz AG 2019 forecast already includes revenues and earnings from this order.

Outstanding robot handling system for generation 8.6 substrates transportation in LCD-TV panels production line of HKC.

Robert Lin, General Manager of Manz Taiwan Ltd., and Mr. Ji Hui Lu, Executive Vice President of HKC Group, congratulated each other on the goal achievement of lighting TV panel in record time after the ceremony.